2009 Dave Wagner

I was looking at the forecast, like anything was going to change. The Lord said let me give you another forecast. There is a forecast for revival. And the Lord said He is going to let it rain in this house like never before. He is about to release the rain of His glory. He going let rain even in the winter. Its going to rain in here. Lord I thank you for revival and transformation like never before,

I saw a cloud in this building. From the ceiling to about 3 feet off the floor. There is a cloud of healing that will rest in this place. And because of the atmosphere of healing When people walk in the door they will be healed even before the get into their seat. Lord I thank you right know that you are releasing a mandate for miracles. Hours of healing.

God is calling you to a place of absolute obedience. Obeying the first time. Time now to choose and believe. No one can choose for you. Two things the Lord is breaking off. Hesitation and Procrastination. No more false starts. Some of us in this room has herd the Lord say go and we have hesitated. The Lord is removing that. Some of us have procrastinated in preparation for the things that are to come. And the Lord is speeding us the possess right now. Some start things and are unable to finish. God is anointing this house to be finishers. Your going to finish what you start. Because he who has begun a good work in you is faithful to completer it. No more hesitation no more procrastination this is a season of fulfillment and completion.

Next part of command is to speak. Some of you your promises are in your own mouth. Your prophetic word your destiny is in your own mouth. You know what God said about you now is the time to declare it. There is a new prophetic anointing falling in this room. And I heard the Spirit of the Lord saying. I am removing the confusion in the prophetic. There are some who are confused by the prophetic word they have been given. God is bring a clarity to that word, There is a precision that is coming. to this house. Right now from this day forward. Right now in the name of Jesus I break of the fear of the prophetic off of peoples lives. And I release that sound of the roaring lion. I release the sound of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. In this place. Maybe you're here tonight, and you say I need to love , I need to fall in love with Him all over again. Love this town, city, church, love this life, the people around me. The sinner. Maybe some of you in this room you have one foot in and one foot out. You need to make a new commitment again. I am going to committee again to the call of my life. I am committing again to the church. I want to walk in the commitment again that no matter what I am not breaking covenant. God is renewing commitment. Connection, some of you in this room have become disconnected.

The Lord is breaking off isolation. Lord I break the Spirit of isolation off you church off your body. We don't have to struggle alone. We don't have to fight alone. God you gave us a body. Lord connect us to the body like never before. Lord we are not going to shoot are wounded anymore. Lord we are not Islands; we are a nation we are a body. Lord reconnect us heal relationships. There is going to be a healing in this place tonight/ there are some of you on this side that don't talk to some on the other side. God is breaking the isolation. Get ride of the offences get ride of the unforgiving . Get ride of the unbelief. It's a new day and that old stuff cant go into the promise land. That is why we keep walking around. Around the promise and not running into it. There have been some things that we have been caring that cannot go in with us. Let it go, deal with it. Lord I release the connection in the body of Christ and even more so the steady flow of connection with YOU. New relationship with the Holy Ghost. I feel the anointing of Jesus the conqueror coming into this room. What ever you need to deal with it is time to conquer it.

Lindell Ballenger. 2010

Some of young men and women God has been equipping you for this day. Young fathers and mothers. Sons and daughters to young fathers and mothers, and just like you have given birth to sons and daughter in the natural you are about to give birth to sons and daughters in the Spirit at an unprecedented rate.

There is a momentum that has begun in this meeting and God said He is preparing a people so that they will not loose the momentum. We have to be able to contain the momentum. So that it is not just a sudden puff of wind. The wine skin changes to contain the new wine. The building is changing to contain the new presence., the new atmosphere the new assignment/

Most serious meeting I have ever been in this church. Because it is about destiny about the call of God on this church. Its about the assignment. Hold fast your confidence. The enemy has tried to shake some of your confidence but he couldn't do it. Because your affections weren't set on the things of this world, they were set on Him. As I was looking around I saw all these young children. There are so many gifts in the children in this church.. Its amazing, one of the gifts of an Apostle is that I see gifts and callings. Lord you are assembling. This weekend is about identifying the building material. Because it is about to be fitted together like never before. Its not going to take a long time either. Its expansion.

A real level of intersession is coming to this house. One of the areas that the church gets so messed up in is intersession and spiritual warfare. There is more weirdness that comes around that then anything. Because the Devil knows the power of it. But the assignment that is on this house. Especially in this season of restructuring and re assembling to accommodate. Nothing wrong with the first building or second or this, the thing is God takes us from glory to glory. And from faith to faith. He taking this place to a different level now. And in order to do it you need to re assemble. U don't want to take what you have and just put it in there. Take us to a different place to accommodate a different season. And different move of God. And because God is a God of increase and not decrease, He is taking you somewhere where you haven't been. But the prayer in this house. There has to be real genuine serious prayer that walks under the authority of the house. Because the assignment is too big. I am going to speak out of my own life. I believe there is things that I have encountered and haven't been successful in, or haven't been able to maintain for a time because I didn't have that covering. We didn't have the prayer level. We didn't have the ministry level and it is so easy to miss.

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